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About Our Products

At Farmers Fresh, we pride ourselves on providing carefully harvested, processed, and packaged fresh produce to our clients.

As a wholesaler of fruits and vegetables, we source a diverse range of staple foods from our growing regions across the United States and Mexico.

Don’t miss out on our grower programs as they will be closing soon. Contact us today if you are interested in a specific product from Mexico.

How it works?

Find out more about our process, handpicked quality products

1. Growth

We manually cultivate and select only the best fruits and vegetables.

2. Harvest

We have a vast network of local producers in North Carolina and other parts of the United States, as well as in Mexico, ensuring we always have fresh products from the origin.

3. Supply Chain

Our clients can benefit from our efficient supply chain solutions, leveraging our expertise in customs procedures and transportation logistics across the United States and Mexico.

Daniela Rivera

Executive Director

Daniela leads the charge to create a more enlightened understanding of what good business looks like. As a woman-owned business, we recognize the economic potential to change business practices and positions, and it is our challenge to achieve excellence and create win-win partnerships with our suppliers. Our commitment to operational excellence is matched only by our dedication to cultivating environments of trust, where all stakeholders can benefit from our success.

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In North Carolina we have a strategic warehouse from the east central and east coast of the USA to supply our products.

We are a family-owned agricultural commodity management and procurement company that provides our customers with superior quality products, commodity expertise and supply chain solutions.